West Coast Books - New Zealand

Customers' Comments

West Coast Books has only just come on-line so... it will take a some time, but hopefully not too long, before we collect a few comments from happy web customers.

But we do already operate the bookshops in Hokitika and Franz Josef, 7-days a week, and have many happy customers - both locals and travellers.

The sorts of comments we get from customers are: 

"I've been travelling since Auckland looking for good bookshops and this place is an oasis"

"this is one of the best collections of hunting books we've seen anywhere"

"we love it that you have not just new hunting books in the shop, but rare and out of print hunting books too"

"its just great that you are open 7 days a week"

"this is a dangerous shop to come into, I can't leave without buying a book"


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